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Soulfull living musings

Easter: Re-birth and a Return to Love

Wishing you a peaceful Easter Sunday :)

Whether or not you observe today in a religious sense, it is a day/weekend ingrained within the collective consciousness. 

It's a time of death and re-birth. I don't follow a particular religion but did as a child and have read much about the teachings of Jesus since, and the role and significance of Mary Magdalene. 

I still don't understand why the human condition is such that we need to go through pain in order to grow!  But it seems to be the way for many of us, especially those of us who are healers.... the path of the 'wounded healer' isn't easy - or short! At least not in my experience. 

I still puzzle why various life tragedies which we experience sends some of us off into a path of spiritual and personal exploration where others don't. I wonder why we can't have an easier 'opening' to this path?  Rumi's famous quote 'the wound is the place where the light enters' is never more relevant than today. I truly...

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Collective Consciousness 2: Visionquest

Have you stopped to consider the gifts of the 'lockdown'?

I am highly aware that everyone's experience of restricted living is different. Some of you, like me, may find that life isn't much different. I work for myself from home so am used to being at home a lot, used to structuring my own time, and perhaps most importantly, used to living on my own.

I consider myself extremely fortunate.

Yes, I have had to pivot my healing practice online, but this is a space that I feel very comfortable in too.

Again, I feel very lucky.

So I know that this article won't resonate with you so much if you're now juggling working full time with home schooling children and checking in on older relatives who are now isolated, or perhaps now have them living with you.

But, hopefully, it will speak to those of who need to read it just now.

I have been pondering the gifts of this virus for a few weeks now.... as I'm sure many of you have too.

And the really big one, to me, is the chance to allow yourself...

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Collective Consciousness 1: Stop the World, I want to get off!

I am deliberately mixing up existing definitions in my use of collective consciousness.... but stick with me!

Admit it..... how often in the last few years, or months even, have you wished that the World would stop so that you could 'catch up with myself'?  I know I often thought it, and my life is fairly 'slow' compared to many.

For the  majority of us .... the 'collective'.... the pace of life over the last generation (yes, that long!) has got increasingly faster and more pressurised. Often from an internal drive to do more, have more, get more. Also, in turn, from external pressures of work, to earn the £££ so that you can do more, have more, get more.

And I'm not just talking about 'stuff' like houses, cars, gadgets, but also about experiences.... which have been my guilty pleasure over the last many years. I am not writing this about 'you', I am writing this about 'us'.

And over these last few years, how many times have you wished for a 'time-out'? ...

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World Kindness Day 2020

kindness Feb 17, 2020

World Kindness Day couldn't have been more timely if it had tried.

Here in the UK we have heard over the weekend of the suicide of Caroline Flack, a TV presenter, winner of Strictly Come Dancing and host of several other popular TV shows.

I was only aware of her through 'Strictly' and didn't know much about her life except that I remembered that I shared an article back in December 2018 from The Independent which was a story about Caroline using Hypnotherapy for anxiety.

I've just re-read that article and in that she shares how she used hypnotherapy for anxiety and that she gets more anxious when she isn't working. Perhaps the signs were already there that she was struggling? 

We all go through struggles in life. It's how we respond to them that makes us all different. Some of us will turn to friends, family, professionals. Other's will turn to food, alcohol, sex, drugs, work and try to 'numb' their way through it. Or, more likely, we resort to a combination.

And sometimes when...

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