At the Soulfull Living Academy we provide a range of retreat options from half day to full weekends.

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When I was going through a major shift in my life many years ago, I had the vision of a retreat building where I could offer what I most needed back then…. space, downtime, healing, support and guidance, and now I’ve brought that into reality, in a small way.

With a sea view at the front and backing onto the woods behind the garden at the back, plus a stream running alongside, you have the perfect mix of energy in which to relax, unwind and re-focus.

I have space for up to 4 people at a time – and hopefully more in the future.

I offer well-being weekend/long weekend retreats in the beautiful surroundings of Argyll in Scotland. Or why not extend your stay and join me for a week? Or if you're pushed for time there is also a 1 day option.

Join me on a scheduled group retreat or you can also arrange your own bespoke, tailor-made retreat, just get in touch to explore what you want to achieve.... why not buddy up with a friend (or your partner) and plan a retreat for you both? 


Retreat options


Each retreat centres on a topic which we explore in-depth, as a group. Topics currently include:

- 8-day Virtual Soul Rising
Soul re-connection
Shamanic drum birthing
- Body re-connection
- Native American sweat lodge
- Creative meditation

further topics will be added soon!

Experience a 2 night immersive retreat.  This is time for you to explore your inner thoughts & feelings whilst developing yourself using a range of therapeutic and spiritual techniques.

Or you can arrange a bespoke, 1-2 night personal retreat.

All retreats include overnight accommodation and home made vegetarian food.

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Half & One Day

Enjoy one or more therapeutic treatments and a delicious treat. 

The one day option typically provides space for a therapeutic session, coaching, deep reflection and healing.

Options can include:

- Shamanic healing
- Energy therapy (reiki, crystal or seashell helaing)
- Indian Head massage
- Oracle card reading
- Person centred coaching
- Hypnotherapy for relaxation & motivation

Enquire about bespoke retreat options

"I have just come off an amazing weekend retreat that Dawn hosted near Ashbourne. I can’t recommend Dawn highly enough. Her compassion, ability to hold space for myself and other participants to go through their stuff and come out the other side. Her understanding of what we all went though, as well as all the thoughtful preparations that went into organising and running the whole event, including fabulous high vibrational nurturing food was incredible. If you are looking to get rid of the daily struggles that stop you from living the dream without having to regurgitate it time and time again then I would definitely recommend talking to and seeing Dawn. Thank you Dawn x"

Lisa Satchwell, May 2018

"Engaging, welcoming, warming experience held by Dawn. The whole experience from the moment I walked through the door took me on a journey I will always remember. Thank you so much Dawn for helping me to birth my first drum."

Cheryl Brind, October 2019

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