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Collective Consciousness 1: Stop the World, I want to get off!

I am deliberately mixing up existing definitions in my use of collective consciousness.... but stick with me!

Admit it..... how often in the last few years, or months even, have you wished that the World would stop so that you could 'catch up with myself'?  I know I often thought it, and my life is fairly 'slow' compared to many.

For the  majority of us .... the 'collective'.... the pace of life over the last generation (yes, that long!) has got increasingly faster and more pressurised. Often from an internal drive to do more, have more, get more. Also, in turn, from external pressures of work, to earn the £££ so that you can do more, have more, get more.

And I'm not just talking about 'stuff' like houses, cars, gadgets, but also about experiences.... which have been my guilty pleasure over the last many years. I am not writing this about 'you', I am writing this about 'us'.

And over these last few years, how many times have you wished for a 'time-out'? ...

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