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Easter: Re-birth and a Return to Love

Wishing you a peaceful Easter Sunday :)

Whether or not you observe today in a religious sense, it is a day/weekend ingrained within the collective consciousness. 

It's a time of death and re-birth. I don't follow a particular religion but did as a child and have read much about the teachings of Jesus since, and the role and significance of Mary Magdalene. 

I still don't understand why the human condition is such that we need to go through pain in order to grow!  But it seems to be the way for many of us, especially those of us who are healers.... the path of the 'wounded healer' isn't easy - or short! At least not in my experience. 

I still puzzle why various life tragedies which we experience sends some of us off into a path of spiritual and personal exploration where others don't. I wonder why we can't have an easier 'opening' to this path?  Rumi's famous quote 'the wound is the place where the light enters' is never more relevant than today. I truly hope that the pain of this past year has led to more people choosing to explore their own spiritual and personal development path and in turn, making the World a better place.

I have had some lovely 'catch-ups' on the phone with members of my Soulfull Living Sanctuary this week and shared in one of them that we're all following different routes back to God/Goddess/Source - whatever term you feel most comfortable with. There is no right way. There is no one way. There is simply your way. And your way isn't incompatible with another way. In fact, they are often more compatible than you think :) And to my mind, there's no problem with trying a few, until you find what resonates with you..... and there's nothing wrong with combining them either.

I'll give you an exmaple from my journey. 

In terms of training, I started out with Reiki, Crytals and learning about and connecting with, the Angelic realms. These were the main way that I accessed the unseen realms, the way that I meditated, the route to accessing the bliss of connection with the 'all that is'.   Over time I have since trained in many different therapies, and connected to several different energies. And the last several years has been much more earth bound through shamanic healing. 

But, even when doing a shamanic healing session, there are times when I call on the support of Jesus and the Christ Conscisouness, e.g. when carrying out Psycopomp to assist a soul in transcending from this realm to the higher realms - as I was honoured to be asked to do this week by the family of a member of my shamanic journeying group whose illness suddenly deteriorated and sadly she left this earthly realm. 

As you grow along your personal spiritual path stay open to different paths whilst knowing that they ultimately all lead to the same place..... back to love. And as you see your fellow travellers over on their path - wish them well, extend an arm of friendship and support without following the urge to pull them onto the same path as you or denounce their route. Share the essence of your path, and if they wish to walk with you for a while, or you with them for a while then enjoy the experiene.

For me, it's all about a return to love and the World certainly needs that right now - don't you think?

If you aren't sure then simply focus on birthing more love in the World in whatever form you create that <3

And back to the theme of re-birth.... what are you birthing just now? I'd love to know, and if I can support you in anyway then get in touch :) 

Dawn x




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