Manifest your dreams: visionboard workshop

ONLINE via Zoom

£10 OR FREE for Members of the Soulfull Living Sanctuary - check it out and join now to save the workshop fee! 

Your dreams aren't in lockdown!

What's your big dream? I know you have one!

Did you know that your thoughts and your energy can either attract or repel what you desire?

Join me (2:30pm-5:00pm) and embark on a powerful guided shamanic visualisation to connect with your deepest, perhaps as yet unknown desires, then let your relaxed mind open up to your intuition to guide you to images and sayings to capture them in a visual form.

Learn about the Law of Attraction and how to work with your board for maximum manifesting power during the rest of 2020.

Enjoy time with like minded people as you bring your visions to life.

Join me and harness the 'new beginnings' energy of Beltane.

You'll need to gather your own magazines/images in preparation and create a board - you'll be emailed lots of suggestions on preparation once you've registered.

Lets journey, vision and create!
Feel free to get in touch if you have further questions, otherwise, to secure your place, click on the 'I'm ready to book my place' button below.

Dawn x

I'm ready to book my place!

"I recently attended a vision board workshop with Dawn. I didn't know what to expect but absolutely loved the way Dawn individually helped us to connect with some of our higher dreams. These are often the ones we don't allow ourselves to dream or don't know where to start to manifest them into reality. Since the workshop, so many positive things have happened and if anything , I can see the vision becoming a reality sooner than I thought. Thank you Dawn"

Sughra Khalik, February 2019, Facebook review

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