Soul Re-Connection Retreat

3 day in-person in beautiful Argyll

Re-Connect, Re-Calibrate & Rise to align your life with your soul's desires

2023 Dates: 28th-30th July & 22nd - 24th September

If you're ready to release what's holding you back, let go of your past and connect with your inner wise woman, so that you can call in the life you desire, then join me for this deeply transformative retreat to re-align your life with your soul's desires.

Its time.

Time to re-connect.

We live in an increasingly dis-connected World.

Ironically, we’re permanently connected to wifi, social media, the (mostly negative) news.

And the stronger that connection, the weaker the connection to ourselves, to our heart, to our soul, to that deep part of us that we’ve buried because we know that if we let it surface we’ll have to face it, acknowledge it and ask ourselves some deep questions that perhaps we don’t want to know the answer to.

BUT if you don’t, it’s just going to find another way to get your attention….. sickness, depression, low mood, anxiety, addictions to alcohol, food, sex, debt, broken relationships…. All the things that you’ve spent most of your life so far avoiding!

It’s time to re-connect with your soul & Rise!

Re-connect with what your heart's desires, with the calling of your soul, with nature, with a World which is re-defining itself.

It’s time to reclaim your power.

It’s time to TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON… (to steal a line from Tom Chaplin’s song, Under a Million Lights)

It’s time to follow your passions, create a life doing what you love, throw off the bindings of what you ‘should’ be doing’ and how you ‘should’ be living….. Says who?!

If you want to ditch the day job…. Do it!

End the relationship that’s past it’s sell by date…. Do it!

Re-locate…..Do it!

Re-invent yourself…. Do it!

There are very few limits these days… other than those inside your head. Those limiting beliefs and your ego telling yourself that you can’t, you don’t know enough, you don’t have enough money, you aren’t brave enough, you’ll never change, it’s too scary.

Yes, it can be scary…. But in most cases that only lasts a short time.

Yes, it will be uncomfortable, stretching your comfort zone always is, but only for a while whilst you grow into your newly expanded zone.

It’s time to call back your power, to release whatever is holding you back, and it’s time to TURN YOUR LIGHT ON because as you do so you will inspire others to do the same.

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I invite you to join me on the Soul Re-Connection  Retreat.

3 days to Re-connect with YOU, to acknowledge, and give space to your inner longings, and ditch the old baggage weighing you down and holding you back.

You’ll be guided and supported to let go of outdated ways of thinking and being and all that is holding you back from pursuing your dreams whilst tapping into what makes your soul sing!

There will be: shamanic walks & fire ceremonies, body movement, shamanic journeys and guided meditations, transformational breakthrough techniques - and more!  


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Testimonial from a very similar retreat

I have just come off an amazing weekend retreat that Dawn hosted near Ashbourne. I can’t recommend Dawn highly enough. Her compassion, ability to hold space for myself and other participants to go through their stuff and come out the other side. Her understanding of what we all went though, as well as all the thoughtful preparations that went into organising and running the whole event, including fabulous high vibrational nurturing food was incredible. If you are looking to get rid of the daily struggles that stop you from living the dream without having to regurgitate it time and time again then I would definitely recommend talking to and seeing Dawn. Thank you Dawn x
LS, Staffordshire

You’ll leave the weekend feeling refreshed, re-newed and re-energised. Excited about what the rest of 2021 and beyond holds for you, and fully connected to your inner, intuitive guidance.

We'll get started at 7pm on the Friday (with dinner beforehand at 6pm and arrival from 4pm) and from then until approx. 2-3:00pm on Sunday you will be fully supported and guided with everything taken care of for you - no cooking, no cleaning, nothing to do except focus on yourself and your dreams.

This is a Shamanic and Heart based retreat - there will be drumming and fire ceremonies as well as powerful techniques for the mind and soul!

In addition to the retreat itself, if you opted to pay in full, you also have the option of receiving a Soul Re-Alignment Akashic Records reading and clearing, giving you insights into your soul purpose and clearing up any blocks from your past live. 

All payment options also include the option of a half price shamanic power retrieval with me beforehand so that you arrive at the Soul Re-Connection Sanctuary Members Retreat fully back in your power and ready to take big steps forwards towards your dreams, your desires, your soul’s calling.

[If this doesn’t appeal to you it can be exchanged for a different therapy instead]

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The Soul Re-Connection Retreat takes place from 5pm on the Friday to 2pm (after lunch) on the Sunday.

Places are limited and the early-bird option (with extra bonuses) is time-limited,  so register soon!

Options available for non-residential attendance of the full retreat - includes lunch and dinners - see the pricing options below.

Check out what's included!

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Powerful Transformative Experiences

Utilising your mind, body and soul

Plenty of breaks 

Outdoor activities

Gentle Movement

Guided Meditations

Fire Ceremony

Shamanic Journeys (no experience needed)

Walk on the beach, or explore my private woodland during your private time 

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Luxury accomodation in Innellan, Argyll in twin (shared) rooms with 1m distancing

Enjoy a sea view from the Stag room OR

Rear garden view from the Leaf room - with vanity unit

Two fully refurbished bathrooms are shared by all guests (allocated by room)

Towels included, please bring toiletries and hairdryer

Enjoy simple, home vegetarian cooked food - most diets can be accomodated, please enquire before booking if you have complicated requirements

Easy access via road or train, or even plane!




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3 months membership of the Soulfull Living Sanctuary & Life Navigation Workbook

  • Soulfull Living Santuary membership value: £45
  • Life Navigation Workbook for completion before the retreat

    Structured to aid you in evaluating where you are now with your life and  your dreams


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Private Facebook Group

Connect with other attendees before, during and after the retreat 

Chat, ask questions, share.

Give & receive mutual support.

This retreat is all about you enjoying an extended weekend of distraction-free days, giving you the space and time to reflect, release and rise :) 

I will be sharing the most powerful spiritual and personal development processes that I know, as well as feedback, coaching and mentoring when you need it. 


My intention for you is that you’ll leave the retreat feeling whole, complete, re-energised, re-enthused about life and with a clear vision of your ‘big dream’ for your life with some clear obvious steps that you can take to start moving towards it.

Reserve your place now!

If you would like to discuss whether the Soul Re-Connection Retreat is for you then please get in touch via my Contact Page.

 With loving support,

  Dawn x

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Hi, I'm Dawn Petherick,

I support 'women on the edge' (and some men too!).

You'll know if you're a 'woman on the edge' because you'll likely be feeling stuck in life, or a bit lost. Not sure where you're heading but at the same time feeling an inner longing to change and for something more. 

This was me twenty years ago and I've spent the time since then raising my self awareness, getting to know ME and what I value, connecting to my divine, higher self and my spiritual guides. I've invested £000's in my own personal and spiritual development and have been supporting women to do the same for the last 10 years. 

It's an ongoing journey as we continually grow and develop and I still pinch myself that this now my full time 'work' - not that it feels like work! 

I support you through retreats, my Soulfull Living Sanctuary monthly membership group, 1:1 therapeutic sessions and workshops/trainings.

I look forward to meeting you on retreat soon! 

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