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Monthly personal & spiritual development to create a life you love!

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Join a growing community of supportive,
like-hearted souls 

Supporting each other as you  release what’s holding you back, let go of the past, connect with your true soul essence and create a vision for your way forward in life which sets your heart and soul alight.

A safe space to learn, share, grow and develop.

“A safe place to share doubts, worries, concerns and receive love and empathy without judgment.
A spiritual place to connect with like-minded women. A wise place to learn and grow"

"I've listened to the webinar on intuition, thank you everyone. It's really insightful and I am going to listen again"

Monthly, bite-sized training on a range of personal and spiritual topics giving you plenty of tools for your Soulfull Living Toolkit!
Building your resilience, your self-confidence and supporting you to build a life you love.

"I really enjoyed last night and actually think it really helped me to listen and reflect. I slept all night without waking and am definitely feeling more positive this morning. Thanks, Dawn"

High-value, low-cost monthly subscription of just £15 per month (less than half a cup of coffee per day!)

Retain your joining fee for a long as you are a member.

No minimum commitment.

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Bite-size Training

Enjoy learning a new topic each month, for your personal or spiritual development.

Access your 'learning library' anytime, anywhere through the free mobile app.

Back catalogue of themes:

Overcoming overwhelm
Forgiveness practice
Home-detox for the soul
Self-love initiation
Self-care for sensitives
Divine feminine rising
Awesome Autumn & Getting things done!
Everything is Energy - a journey through the chakras
Celebrating & Completing the year
Creating a life you love!
28 day gratitude challenge
Manifesting the love you desire 
Activating abundance
Body love
Deepening your intuition
Trusting the Universe
Angels Calling

Moon magic - ongoing theme

Upcoming monthly 'themes':
Mar: Ditch Doubt & Embrace your Inner Magic
Apr: Spiritual Laws of the Universe
May: Who am I?

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Twice Monthly Online Soul Circles

Hear me share & discuss the theme of the month & connect with other members. 

Receive my thoughts and experience on the theme of the month and often an energy clearing/healing too.

A chance to get to know other members, share what's going on with you and ask me questions.

Quarterly Book Club

New for 2022 is our Book Club

Dive into a spiritual/personal dvelopment book

Join the special Book Club Circle to discuss

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Meditation Library

Listen to the meditation library anytime, anywhere through the free mobile app.

Examples include:

Activating abundance
Chakra balance
Confidence Boost
Creativity consciousness
Heart healing
Inner child communication
Inner sanctuary
Inner strength
Let anxiety go
Letting go
Meet your guardian angel
Meet your higher self
Money miracle
Perfect day

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Private Facebook Group

Connect with other members in the 'coffee lounge' of the Sanctuary, aka the Facebook group!

Chat, ask questions, share.

Give & receive mutual support.

I've dreamed for a long time of an online space which would act as a refuge, not just from the busy-ness of everyday life, but also from the stress and upheaval we experience when going through one (or more!) of life's 'storms', as I call them.

There is now space again for new members of the Soulfull Living Sanctuary so come on in and join us :) 

I've created a shelter for you to nurture your mind, body and soul, with a mixture of spiritual and personal development bite-size teachings based on years of my own training and experience..

Membership is low price/high value at less than a half the cost of a (shop bought) cup of coffee per day.  

A major part of the 'Sanctuary' is the friendship and mutual support which develops among those who are active in the 'coffee lounge' - aka the Facebook group. We all long to feel that we belong to a tribe of like-minded, like-hearted, supportive souls as we emerge from our cocoons, and out into the World again, and you'll find this inside the Sanctuary.

Because it's not a fixed programme, with a start and end date, you can join at any time (as long as subscriptions are open). 

There is no minimum commitment, and yes, that does mean that you could join for a month, download all the materials, and then cancel. However, I'm sure that you'll love it enough to stay for several months at least :) 

You will get out of your membership as much as you put in. Take time to study the easily accessible materials and join in the conversations in the 'coffee lounge' and I'm sure you will agree that it's exceptional value for money.

The welcome mat is out... are you joining us?

Here's one members recent testimonial

"A safe place to share doubts, worries, concerns and receive the love and empathy without judgement. A spiritual place to connect with like-minded women. A wise place to learn and grow."

Join us now and lock-in your joining fee for the life of your membership!

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