Reiki Master-Teacher Weekend Training

2024 Dates coming soon

Usui Reiki Master-Teacher


Take your Reiki practice to the next level


If you're a Usui Reiki Level 2 practioner with at least one year of active practice since you were attuned to Reiki Level 2 then perhaps you're feeling called to teach Reiki to others?

If this is you then come along on this full weekend training with further ongoing support.

The weekend includes Reiki Master training and attunement on the first day, so if you have already attended a Reiki Masters ~(only)  training it may be possible to just attend the second day of this weekend. Please get in touch, especially if you didn't complete your masters training with me, so that I can assess whether that will be feasible.

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You will learn:

- Master symbols and their use

- Reiki Meditations

- Reiki Master Attunement

- Reiki Psychic Surgery

- The Antahkarana Symbol and its usage

- Hui Yin technique 

- The attunement process

- Attuning others & practice

- Giving & Receiving Reiju Empowerments

- The role of the Reiki Master

- How to Teach Reiki  

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Included in the day:

- Comprehensive Reiki Master-Teacher manual

- Reiki Master attunements

- Reiki meditations

- Certificate of completion after completion of homework

- Electronic copies of my Reiki training manuals & certificates so that you can get up and running as a teacher without having to create them from scratch, though you may want to modify them to make them more ‘you’

- Optional attendance at one (or more) of my reiki trainings so that you can observe me training and also assist

- Ongoing support, e.g. I can be on hand when you train your first students in case you need to quickly double-check anything

- Ongoing support via my Reiki students WhatsApp group & Reiki shares

- Refreshments – please bring lunch with you

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Your investment: 

- £350 for the full weekend training and ongoing support

 - Your ongoing time and dedication to practice what you have learned, particularly over the following 21 days

 -It is advisable not to drink alcohol for at least 24 hours before your attunement

- attunements start a 21 day integration period - ideally avoid alcohol during this time too

Reiki Mastership is an important step en-route to becoming a Reiki Teacher - if that appeals to you.

There is no rush with Reiki :) 

You will know if/when the timing is right for you to progress to the next stage.

About your teacher

Dawn was attuned to Reiki 1 in 2005 and since then Reiki and working with energy has been one of the foundations of her life. Her training was part of a longer well-being week which she looks back on as being an ‘epiphany’ week. She has been on a personal and spiritual development journey every since and now coaches, mentors and teaches others. Read more of Dawn's background


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