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Why do we have pain?


Pain is a message, a call to action. All pain is real, even though it isn't made where it appears to be. Pain is manufactured in the brain and sent to the affected area to get you take action. It is a carefully calculated message and the brain will make the pain message relevant to the degree of damage. The right pain message will get you to take the right action to enable healing to start, and after an appropriate time the pain should go - even before you are fully healed. New Pain is a good idea! If we didn't have the ability to feel pain, we would cause terrible injuries to ourselves and be unaware of escalating damage.  

Why has MY pain stuck?

Pain can remain long after it is no longer of any benefit. If you have been in pain for longer than 3 months it is likely to be of no use to you - in fact your medical professional is likely yo have advised or prescribed pain killing medication. Persistent, old, chronic pain is your own internal defense mechanism deciding that the pain is still beneficial. It will have a sound, logical reason for keeping the pain, even though this may not be obvious. It is my job to find that reason and to use a technique called Brain Bargaining to help you negotiate with that part of you and persuade it that it is doing more harm than good. Whilst you hold on to pain it may get in the way of you noticing new pain at a lower level than your current pain. This process does NOT numb the area and it is always safer to remove the OLD pain than it is to say in pain.

How does OldPain2Go work?

OldPain2Go is a way of you contacting your own survival system and challenging the aspect of your mind that is in charge of pain messages. Together we can determine if that original calculation of the level of pain is still appropriate, which is unlikely to be the case, after diagnosis and treatment has been completed. This negotiation may result in dramatically lower pain levels or total removal of your OLD, out of date, unnecessary Pain Messages. Whether you leave with a reduced level of pain or totally pain-free is not down to me as a practioner, it is whatever level of pain your body believes to be safest for you in that moment. OldPain2Go is based on the latest in scientific knowledge of how the mind and body work in unison and the body's natural ability to self-heal. OldPain2Go can provide a safe and effective way to a more comfortable life.

The development of OldPain2Go

This method has a grounding in the work of many Doctors and Medical Specialists who have studied and been creative in establishing that pain is not just a physical response to cell damage. Many have come to similar conclusions but few have come up with practical methods of implementing their theories. 

Steven Blake created this methodology from his knowledge of NLP and Hypnotherapy and his personal understanding of old, persistent, chronic pain, having suffered from severe back problems for over 40 years. In 2011 he removed his back pain and has been pain-free ever since.

Steven ran free pain clinics and refined his techniques for several years. In 2016 he started to teach his  methods to others. Dawn was trained in 2018.

You can read more about it's background, and watch many client testimonial on the main OldPain2Go website.

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