Crystal Healing

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What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing, as a therapy in itself, may appear to be new, using ideas and methods from many cultures combined together, but the present day interest in crystal healing is simply a continuation of mankind's fascination with gemstones and minerals down the ages.

There has been no historical period, nor any culture, that has not prized crystals for their visual, magical or healing properties. The Egyptians, Ancient Greeks harnessed their healing powers. In more recent times this knowledge has been lost but is now being re-discovered.

Our current scientific understanding of the chemical structure and properties of crystals is comparatively recent, yet our modern world would simply not be possible without crystals. All crystals vibrate at different rates – this is proven scientifically and is harnessed to power memory chips in PCs and you are probably wearing a quartz powered watch! Utilising this energy by placing crystals at various places on and around the body brings balance to your aura and leaves you feeling totally relaxed. 

You are probably already drawn to particular crystals – either their colour or shape or the way they feel. Intuitively you will be choosing a property of that crystal which your body currently needs on some level.

What happens during a session?

During a typical crystal healing session Dawn will intuitively choose crystals to balance your chakras and clear your aura of any blockages. 

You will be asked to lay on a couch or sit in a chair. No removal of clothing is necessary, only your shoes and maybe your watch and/or jewelry for your own comfort.

Crystals will be placed on and around your body and you may be asked to hold some in your hands. The crystals may be changed/swapped as they do their work and this may be repeated several times, and/or crystal grids placed around your body. Most people leave the session feeling totally relaxed and many have shared the ongoing benefits of the session through a sense of overall wellbeing.

Even one Crystal Healing session may make a difference; however a course of regular treatments may be more effective. These could be weekly, fortnightly or less often depending on your needs – this will be discussed with you and a treatment plan devised and reviewed regularly.

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