Unlock the Magic of Crystals: 9th March 2024

🌟 Unlock the Magic of Crystals: A Journey to Self-Discovery 🌟

Delve into the enchanting world of crystals and awaken your inner healer in this captivating 3-hour workshop. Whether you're a curious beginner or a seasoned crystal enthusiast, join us for an exploration of the profound healing properties of these ancient gems and discover how they can transform your life.

Throughout this immersive experience, we'll dive into:

🔮 Unveiling the Mysteries: Explore the fascinating history of crystals and their diverse uses, from ancient civilizations to modern-day practices.

🌈 Connecting with the Crystal Realm: Deepen your connection to the ethereal energy of crystals and unlock the secrets of their powerful vibrations.

💎 The Magic of Gemstones: Embark on a journey through a spectrum of common crystals, unraveling their unique properties, associated chakras, vibrant colors, and remarkable benefits.

🔍 Choosing Your Perfect Crystal: Learn the art of selecting crystals that resonate with your intentions, personality, and energy, empowering you on your spiritual path.

Nurturing Your Treasures: Discover essential techniques to cleanse, charge, and care for your crystals, ensuring they radiate with pure energy and vitality.

🧘‍♀️ Embracing Meditation: Harness the transformative power of crystal meditation to deepen your spiritual practice and cultivate inner peace and balance.

⚠️ Avoiding Overindulgence: Navigate the allure of crystals with mindfulness and learn practical strategies to maintain a healthy relationship with these captivating gems - aka how to not become a cryatl addict!

Join us on this illuminating journey and awaken the magic within you as we explore the wondrous world of crystals together!

My love of crystals goes back to when I was around 10 years old (a long time ago now!) and that lead to me studying Geology at O level (yes, I am that old!). 

As I embarked on my exploration of all things holistic and spiritual (nearly 20 years ago),  crystal healing was the second therapy that I trained in (after Reiki) and I undertook a 2 year Crystal Healing Diploma and have kept up my learning and understanding since.

Recently I was commissioned to contribute to a blog post about crystals for a well know high street jewellers which was a pleasure to be able to do.

Join me as I share my love of crystals with you:) 

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- £30

Location & Timing: 10am - 1pm, Innellan, Argyll

£30.00 GBP

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Within 5 days of the workshop: full refund.

Within 72 hours of the workshop: 50% refund

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Should I need to cancel this event for any reason, a full refund will be issued to you.