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2021 Completion & 2022 Creation Ceremony - Closing down the old to Create the new

As 2021 draws to a close we are naturally drawn within to reflect on the past year.

BUT there are ways to reflect that are powerful and ways to reflect that are less so!

Join me on the Winter Solstice Eve to energetically and consciously bring 2021 to a close and then open up the energy for 2022 so that you step into the New Year fully ready and focused :) 

Enjoy being guided through my 'completion process' plus guided meditations and energy clearing. Feel the weight lifting as you let go of the past and pave the way for the year ahead.

You can squeeze more juice out of the transition from one year to the next by following my tried and tested 'completion' process.

Join me for this mini-experience and fully let go of this year before turning your attention to what you want to create in 2022. 

Synced with the Winter Solstice energy, follow a guided process to capture the positives from this year and acknowledge the 'lessons'!

Take part in a group energy clearing to release any unhelpful blockages created by this year, leaving you ready to embrace all that you want to create in 2022.

You will then turn your attention to what you want to create in 2022. Using guided meditation and powerful, structured questions you will end the session with clarity on what you wish to manifest - not just material posessions!

Winter Solstice is a more powerful energetic time to do this than at the new calendar year so join me on Tuesday 21st December 7pm - pm (approx - may be nearer to 9:30pm!) and lets clear the decks ready for 2022.

Dawn x