Shamanic Drum Birthing Retreat

Create your own shamanic drum & beater in the sea-tree environment of Argyll, Scotland

£295 early bird offer up to 24th February, paid in 2 x £147.50 installments

£325 paid in full after 24th February

Non-residential options are available - please enquire

Spirit of the Drum

Drums have been used for thousands of years by indigenous peoples as an instrument for making music, for celebration and dance and for shamanic journeying, vision seeking and ritual.

Having a deep relationship with your own personal drum is transformational. As you use it and work with it you become the drum, the beat resonates with your heartbeat, you become one with your drum and are easily transported to non-ordinary reality from where you can journey to meet with your guides and receive healing and guidance.

The drum is Great Spirit’s favourite instrument, that is why we were given a heartbeat ~ Mano, Navajo Elder

"I attended Dawn's first Drum Birthing retreat in Oct 2019. What a wonderful, gentle and loving experience I had! Dawn's compassion and dedication to drawing in spirit while birthing our drums was extraordinary! She allowed us to connect to our drums on a spiritual level; helped us to draw out our drums individual characters. I love the drum I made with Dawn. Every time I pick it up I feel it's love for me too and the relationship we are creating together. Thank you Dawn for holding such a wonderful space while we went through this process. For guiding us so beautifully and gently with your loving heart 💓. Thank you for welcoming us into your home and taking such tender care of us. It's an experience I will treasure."

Clara Hill 2019. Facebook review

Drum Birthing Retreat Details

Your drum

During this residential weekend you will be birthing a 40cm/16inch (approx) frame drum covered with deer hide. We will be using the energy of the burn (stream) which runs alongside my home in the process, connecting you and your drum to Scotland. 

You will also make a drum beater made of natural materials to accompany your drum.

In the summer months you will be mostly working outside around the campfire –  weather permitting! We will retreat to the bell tent/outbuilding if the weather (or midges) dictate. At other times of the year we will mostly be indoors - as the weather in Argyll dictates!

The weekend: 27th-29th March 2020

Accommodation is at my home on Argyll’s Secret Coast in twin shared rooms with shared bathroom. Simple vegetarian food is included, e.g soup at lunchtime plus breakfasts and evening meals. Drinks and snacks are included during the day.

Starting after dinner on Friday and working through to around 9:00pm is your preparation time.  Breakfast is at 8:30am, giving you plenty of time for an early morning stroll on the beach. Then from 9:30am-5:30pm approx on Saturday you will be birthing your drum. Saturday evening will be more relaxed.... though you will still be creating! On Sunday morning you'll be making your beater before we awaken your drum through ceremony. You'll be free to depart by late morning, giving you plenty of time to travel home.


What to bring

Toiletries - towels are provided. Indoor footwear.

Waterproofs and layers including warm footwear. Midge spray and any medication you may need if you tend to react badly when bitten!

Feathers etc that you want to decorate your drum beater with.

If you've found a favourite fabric for your beater - or a beater stick, please bring it, otherwise I have a good selection.

A notebook to capture your insights from the shamanic journeys.

The drum birthing experience

Shamanic journeying and ceremony forms a key part of the weekend as we journey to make deep connections with all aspects of your drum.

Ideally, you will be familiar with shamanic journeying but if not please get in touch so that I can teach you beforehand.

There will be some free time allowing you to relax or explore the beach and woodland - weather permitting!

Creating anything, but especially a drum, can bring up some of your 'stuff', e.g. 'I'm not good enough', 'I'm not creative' etc. Don't let this put you off! I am here to guide, support and assist you so that you go home with a drum that you're proud of.

As we create the drums from deer skin they won't be fully dry by the time you head for home, which means that you won't know what it will sound like. Your intention and presence in selecting the part of the deer skin that you are drawn to, and the way you work with the drum frame and handle all affect the sound. Trust that you will create a drum with the perfect sound for you and all will be well.


I'm ready to book my place!

"Engaging, welcoming, warming experience held by Dawn. The whole experience from the moment I walked through the door took me on a journey I will always remember. Thank you so much Dawn for helping me to birth my first drum,"

Cheryl Brind, Oct 2019

Visit us in Innellan, Argyll

Shore Road, Innellan, Argyll PA23 7SP

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